Terracotta pot


Keep your eyes wide open when you walking/driving/cycling in London streets… and not just in the other cars/tracks/buses… if not, in the treasures that you can find. I have found this beautiful Italian Terracotta pot, it’s a big one, a heavy one too. It was a bit scratched as it’s probably not a ‘young’ flowerpot, we are talking about a good one, well made and beautiful. As a recycling culture lover and follower, I could not resist the temptation of saving this master piece for my leaving room. I clean it up, repair a bit (decided to leave the big scratch, as part of the history of the pot), painted with acrylic, and voila, a new pot for the house and a new house for the pot.

“There is not such a thing as AWAY, when we throw anything away it must go somewhere”
Annie Leonard