• Company: Chubb Insurance Company
  • Year: 2017
  • Agency: Oliver Agency

In 2016 ACE insurance company acquired Chubb. I have worked as a Creative Director for Chubb EMEA during the past year in the rebranding and creation of the new product lines, styles for all the communication and implementing the brand in all the different european languages, supervising the different countries design work.

Chubb was celebrating their first year together. They wanted to share the news remembering that they are now one company, and they are also stronger. I have presented different conceptual ideas and they loved the concept of a tandem bike that makes them perform in a better and more efficient way. Now they have a more global coverage and influence. Being together make them much stronger.

This short commemorative video has being created to share it with their clients, specially brokers in different events, their social media platforms and used in conferences and presentations.

Agency: Oliver Agency London
Copywriter: Valerie Gagnerot
Creative direction: Danny Somoza
Illustrations: Danny Somoza
Music: Neil Cross
Animation: Julia Diniz