• Company: Caracol Park
  • Year: 2013

This is one of this exciting projects that start with a pen and a Moleskine. The client wanted to create a social media campaign based on their Facebook. So, We did a bit of a brain-storming and came up with this campaign.

The campaign consisted in promoting their Facebook page and interact more with their clients. We encourage the clients that were renting a Camper with Caracol Park to post a picture of their trip in Caracol Park page, when they will bring back the Camper they will receive a free T-shirt.

The title of the campaign was Enjoy the Ride, as they wanted to create something international, I came up with this sentence, based on the ‘Hippies’, the Boom of Campers and Road trips. The illustration is using their corporate colours and making a very friendly design, easy to wear and also memorable.