• Credit: Oliver Agency
  • Company: Chubb EMEA
  • Year: 2017

Chubb Ignite it is a new online responsive platform for brokers. The platform is a responsive HTML based platform that allows brokers to setup and manage their clients with Chubb. With this platform they will improve their sells and specially access from anywhere anytime to the information.

As a Creative Director for Chubb EMEA, I had the pleasure to work closely with the developers to create the UI design. Once the platform was finished, we created a promo video to let our clients know about the product and their advantages.

I have been on charge of managing the team, the creative/art direction and also to create the assets for the video. It has been a very successful project and the client was extremely proud to present and sell it to their clients, helping them to increase the number of brokers selling their products.

Music: Jeffrey D Gehlert
Creative Direction: Danny Somoza
Illustrations: Danny Somoza
Editing: Shane O’Doherty
Production: Danny Somoza
Agency: Oliver Agency