Folding shelf for my room


In my room I keep ‘The altar to the sea’. It’s a beautiful transparent retro bottle with different shells that I collect every time I go to the seaside. Some sand and stones from the beach in Spain, things like this – deep inside I’m a sailor I guess.

Anyway, I needed a shelf for my room. I also wanted to try my new tool (PARKSIDE Multi-Purpose Tool) that I bought under a great offer in Lidl. It was very cheap, so I was wondering if it would work at all or it would just break (I have to say that it worked good and still does).

I wanted a folding shelf, so I could get some space when it is not use. I decided to go for golden chains attached to the wall and the shelf, golden hinges and screws, and a dye in medium dark oak finish. I think it looks great, clean but rustic.

Happy with the result.