Once upon a time there were teachers that praised their students for dedicating more time “designing” their own timetables than doing endless hours of maths homework. While others copied out grammar lessons like robots, some payed more attention to calligraphy or invested their time in weird hobbies like modelling and “marquetry“.

Hello, my name is Danny.

While my friends played with their spinning-tops, I designed patterns and drawings to personalise them and was amazed by the shapes and colours as they spun. When I was 15, I was that weirdo, I was a marquetry lover! I also had my own little vegetable garden, I performed lively haircuts on my sister’s dolls (she was not happy!) or created visionary cities with Lego, Action Men and Playmobil living together in peace.

When I finished primary school my art teacher told me: “Somoza, Tu para diseñador” (meaning: “Somoza, you would be a great graphic designer”) it got me thinking and I was excited by the future he painted for me: Mum said let’s go for it!

I’m fortunate I knew my vocation from childhood. As I grew up I used my savings from summer jobs to buy my first computer. I started to mess around with design programs (Photoshop, Freehand, Corel Draw, Quark Express etc). I studied Graphic Design at The School of Arts Antonio Faílde Ourense and Masters at Instituto Europeo di design, where I learned all the basics of hierarchy, composition, how the eye works and colour theory. My studies helped me to develop a strong passion for typography, photography and beauty. I’m glad I realised that I’m a graphic designer from the crown of my head to the tip of my toe. This is my passion.